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Real-World Guidance for Cleaner and Greener Living

COME CLEAN will lead you to safer, more sustainable habits and product swaps for a style-forward, less toxic, more planet-friendly home where you can
breathe easy. 

Custom One-on-One Services

One-on-one sessions will get you on a cleaner and greener path based on your home and lifestyle, or help you clean out your space responsibly. COME CLEAN services are especially helpful if you're moving or renovating, or if you have kids at home–from crawling babies to makeup-loving teens.   

Clean & Green Audit/Edit

The purpose of the Audit/Edit is to give you ways to make your home and everyday life a little cleaner and greener. It’s hard to know–and remember!–where toxins lurk and which small changes can make a big impact sustainability-wise. There are also a lot of recommendations out there that may or may not apply to YOU and your family, your life stage, and how far you want to go on this quest. I’ll show you areas where you can improve and give you personalized recommendations, based on your lifestyle and family makeup, so that you can more easily adopt them as habits.

Sustainable Cleanout

The Cleanout is for people ready to purge their space of clothing, furniture, toys, miscellaneous household items they no longer need but don't have time (or energy!) to figure out where all the stuff should go or to get it there. Wondering what to do with stained or ripped clothes? Old towels? Where to recycle–or fix–broken appliances? I'll help sort, pack up, and haul your items away and ensure they are donated or recycled responsibly, maybe fixed or mended! I’ll even help determine which items may be sellable if you’d like to consign or do a thrift drop-off and work with you to arrange.

I’ve been into organic and “non-toxic” living for a long time. You probably know that we have a plastic problem, but might not know that certain chemicals–those you can find in a scented candle, body lotion or plastic food container, for example–may also contain ingredients that mess with our hormones. As a student of sustainability and a brand advocate for a clean beauty brand, I’ve learned a lot about what the bad stuff can do to our bodies and the planet, and how small changes in our behavior and the products we use everyday can add up to big wins.

I also know that much of this is information is hard to find or remember when you need it. I like to do the research so you don’t have to, saving you time, money, and perhaps, some sanity. Plus a whole lot of plastic. 

Why I Started Come Clean

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