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One-on-One Services

Services are always customizable to fit your needs and lifestyle. Not sure what you need? Book a Free Discovery Call.

Photograph of clean and modern kitchen with lots of plants
Responsible Cleanout 

You may or may not know that much of what we carefully fold up for donations–picturing smiling people warmed in our lovingly handed down sweaters or pre-loved stuffed animals being hugged by children in need–does not have the second life we imagine. There is simply too much stuff, so where (and what) you drop off is important to get it in the right hands and keep it out of the landfill. In turn, some of what we think is trash, like broken appliances, may actually be recyclable or repairable! If you book  the Cleanout, I keep track of all of this so you don’t have to.

For our session, I come to you and based on where you are in the process, guide you through the purge and sort or I’ll just come to take your bags away and get them to where they should go, to vetted non-profits and shelters, recyclers or community swaps. You can be as involved in the sorting process as you'd like (so maybe not at all).


We’ll review the types of items you’re looking to purge and determine the level of help you need during the Discovery Call. Want to sell your better furniture pieces or designer clothing? I'll help you decide where to do it, set up any necessary appointments, and/or create listings. Some items may, unfortunately, need to be trashed if they’re unrecyclable or the condition is too poor for a donation. If so, I can help organize a curbside or junk pickup.

Clean & Green Audit/Edit

You may know parabens and BPA disrupt our endocrine systems. What about phthalates, PFAS and PEGs? Some of these things can be both in shower curtains and our kids’ shampoo, and not healthy in either. Some will never break down in the environment (or our bodies). The good news is we can avoid a LOT of it–the key is knowing where to look. 


The flow of the Audit/Edit is similar to working with an organizer – we go room by room, focusing on your pain points and common spots I’ll identify where toxins and sustainability issues arise. We’ll review products you and your family use regularly (personal care, cleaning, food storage, etc.) and your habits around waste (like recycling, reusables). 


We start with the Discovery Call, during which we’ll work together to choose areas of priority based on your household and family. You’ll then fill out a quick questionnaire so I can learn more about your wants and needs, things you’re open to, and things that you won’t let go of (this is ok!). 


In the session, I’ll pinpoint areas where you can make safer and more sustainable product swaps and tweak your systems to lessen what you send to the landfill, that will be tailored to you and how your household operates. Afterward, you’ll get a Cleaner & Greener Digital Roadmap with my recommendations, shopping list, links, and how-to's, so you can make changes when you and your family are ready.

Clean and modern sink with hand soap and succulent plant

Responsible Cleanout

Sessions are available based on where you are in the process, from Full (having not yet started) to Focused (cleaned out with bags packed). In a Focused Session, I’ll spend up to an hour at your place classifying and sorting, and then I will take away everything to be donated, sold, or properly recycled. The Full Session can be up to 6 hours, especially if you’re moving or renovating.

Tiers and Timing

Clean & Green Audit/Edit

Sessions are priced by room and start with Tier 1 which includes the Kitchen, Laundry & up to 2 Bathrooms; this session runs 2-3 hours. You can add rooms from there, which could include a kids’ room and/or playroom, or other bedrooms, garage, basement. We will determine all during the Discovery Call. If you want to add rooms after a Tier 1 Audit/Edit you can do them a la carte.

A Bit of Both

Need both an Audit/Edit and a Cleanout? We can do that! This is particularly helpful if you're moving or renovating, as you may want to pare down and create a clean slate. It's also a good time to adopt new habits around being more sustainable.

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