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I live in Brooklyn with my husband and two teenage boys. I’m a native New Yorker and spent the first 20 years of my career in branding and design so form, function, and style are all important to me. I've been committed to buying organic and “non-toxic” for a long time and went into overdrive once I got pregnant in 2004.


As a brand advocate for Beautycounter since 2013, I learned about the “chemicals” I had been trying to avoid and what they can do to people and the planet, and that there are alternatives that look good and work as well or better than the toxic stuff. I’ve done a whole lot of research and can tell you the changes that are easy/no-brainers and those that will take a little more commitment and investment. 

Even with a strong (some might say obsessive) drive to do better every day, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with *all* the different suggestions and things to avoid/buy/do, so I knew others did too. Many of my friends and Beautycounter clients were asking me for recommendations on everything from cleaning products to mattresses and I truly love to help people figure this stuff out! 

COME CLEAN was born to put all my learnings into one place and create a more usable resource to help you be cleaner and greener today and into the future.  

About Me
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Image of Come Clean founder Deirdre McMennamin in her home in front of a photograph of a meadow

Why One-on-One Services? 

You already understand that there are questionable/toxic ingredients and actively seek out more “natural” products but don’t really know what to look for (and worry about greenwashing).

You also think some of these products or habits will be too involved/not work/not be your style and you’ll spend money on them but won’t love them (or use them). 

You want to have better systems for creating less waste and might want to learn how to compost.

You want to purge and organize but you're not sure how to get rid of your things sustainably. 

You want someone you trust to just tell you what to do
(or do it for you).

Wondering if a one on one session is for you? Email me below or book a
Free Discovery Call.
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